Which traditional Chinese tea best fits your personality?

Been drinking too much bubble tea and feel like switching to a healthier option? Traditional Chinese tea could be your new cup of tea.

The history of Chinese tea dates back to over 5000 years. The culture of tea-drinking soon spread over to Europe and many other regions through cultural exchange via the “Silk Road”. Previously used for its medicinal properties, it has evolved to become an everyday pleasure. There are many health benefits of Chinese tea. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and helps one to lose weight. 

There are broadly 6 types of Chinese tea. Their differences lie in their taste, fragrance, texture and origin. 

Find out which type of Chinese tea best suits your personality!

1. The Perfectionist: Green Tea

Green tea leaves do not undergo oxidization process. The leaves retain their colour and appearance – this is why green tea not only taste good but also look good. A perfect cup of green cup is bittersweet and to achieve that, the leaves have to be of superior and refined quality. 

Famous green tea to try: Dragon Well Tea / 龙井

2. The Social Butterfly: Black Tea / Red Tea

Also called ‘red tea’ in China, black tea is a fully fermented tea and has a stronger flavour that can last for several years. It is fruity, sweet and easy on the taste buds. Definitely the go-to tea for new drinkers. 

Famous black tea to try: Keemun Black Tea / 祁门红茶

3. The Introvert: Pu-erh Tea 

Some would classify Pu-erh / 普洱 as dark tea while the purists argue that it is so unique that it should be a category by itself. No two brews of Pu-erh taste the same and it is a tea that can be brewed several times. It has a mellow taste and a mature charm, almost indifferent to the external world.

4. The Calm Yogi: Oolong Tea 

Oolong tea is semi-fermented so it is critical to get the timing of fermentation right to bring out the right balance of fragrance and mellowness. Oolong tea lovers seek balance and harmony, and are in good control of their life. 

Famous black tea to try: Tieguanyin / 铁观音

5. The Free Spirit: White Tea

It is arguably the easiest to process white tea. Unlike other types, white tea is made by only sun-drying or gentle frying – because life should be easy peasy. Simple, pure and enjoyable, white tea will definitely be a favourite of the free-spirited individual.

Famous white tea to try: Baihao Yinzhen / 白毫银针

6. The Intellectual: Yellow Tea

Once a rare and expensive tea, yellow tea is slowing gaining popularity across the world due to its health benefits. It is thought to be a more intriguing version of green tea and its production is limited to only a few areas of China. Drinking yellow tea is definitely a cerebral experience.

Famous yellow tea to try: Huoshan Huangya / 霍山黄牙

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